Lives Forever Changed

Sarah and Jeremy had considered adoption, but never really the adoption of a child with special needs, until they did. Once the thought entered their minds it took a few years, but the feeling that they needed to adopt a child with Down syndrome just kept coming back.

With the help of Carolina Adoption Services they were able to find their new daughter, Maria, a young girl with Down syndrome in Armenia.

“Maria is in every way a miracle and a gift. Our family has been given a great treasure in having her as a daughter, a sister.”

“Our boys will often tell us how happy they are that Maria is in our family. They adore her and she couldn’t love them more.”

“She brings so much joy, smiles, hugs, and laughter, into our home. She absolutely makes our family better. More loving and more full of grace.”

Orange Socks Spreading Messages that Change Lives

Thanks to Orange Socks thousands of people have seen Maria’s story. When families share their story and advocate with Orange Socks and Carolina Adoption Services, the hundreds of children with disabilities in Armenian orphanages get one step closer to their forever home because: 

  • Orange Socks messages and stories spread like wildfire on social media.
  • The stories of these beautiful children touch lives and forever change those who hear them. 
  • Your donations help bless the lives of these children. 
  • You help bring home a child just like Maria.

Efforts to Raise Awareness

One hundred percent of your funding goes to spreading awareness and paying for support services for the parents through the process of bringing a child with disabilities home.

Donate Now: Filling Hearts and Homes

Your donations help find more families willing to adopt a child with disabilities internationally, and provide them with the complete  support through the process.

Every penny matters, even if only one child with disabilities were able to find their forever home. Opening your hearts and pockets could change a child and family’s world.

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