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Beth and Bryce: Angelman Syndrome

Beth and Bryce have a son named Smith. After Smith was born, Beth noticed that he would not look at her. Over the next few years Beth and Bryce noticed more developmental issues; Smith could not walk or use his hands or talk. Smith was nearly three years old before he...

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Christine: Autism

Christine’s daughter Skylynn was diagnosed at 2 years old with Autism. When Skylynn was first diagnosed, Christine found out that neither her insurance company or the state she lived in would cover the cost of Autism therapies. Christine began to fight for insurance...

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Phyllis and Keven: Polymicrogyria

Phyllis and Keven’s youngest daughter, Laura, was not progressing as a typical  three or four month old, so they took her to a specialist and found out Laura  had Polymicrogyria. Phyllis and Kevin were crushed to learn the news. Laura could not walk, talk, or feed...

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Jen and John: Encephalocele

Jen was pregnant when she and her husband, John, found out that their baby, named Jackson was diagnosed with Encephalocele. Their doctor, as well as a with a Genetic Counselor, explained that the baby would either terminate itself, or not go full term, or if he lived...

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