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Valorie: Cockayne Syndrome

Valorie's son Jace was a typical infant. Around 12 months, his head measurements were falling behind, and he was diagnosed with Microcephaly. He also had a severe sensitivity to the sun. Hearing there was a correlation with the two, Valorie sent a skin biopsy to a...

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Episode 69: Celeste- Fragile X Syndrome

When Celeste was pregnant she found out her son Tyson, was going to be born with Fragile X syndrome. Celeste says the hardest parts are being able to maintain a normal life and learning how to adapt to his needs. But, the challenges are nothing compared to the joys;...

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Summer: Anencephaly

Summer found out that Ares had Anencephaly during an early ultrasound and learned that if he made it to term and was born would only live a few hours at best. Rather than aborting Ares, Summer wanted to meet and hold him and if possible have Ares be an organ donor so...

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Courtney: Harlequin Ichthyosis

Courtney had a typical, uneventful pregnancy. But, immediately after she gave birth to her daughter, Brenna, there was a shocked silence in the hospital room. Shortly after, Brenna was diagnosed with Harlequin Ichthyosis, which is the rarest most severe form of...

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Brittany and Tyler: Hydrocephalus, Encephalocele, and Other Complications.

Brittany and her husband Tyler struggled for years to get pregnant. When she got pregnant with their son Max, they were ecstatic. During a prenatal ultrasound, doctors found a multitude of abnormalities, including a club foot, heart abnormalities, missing brain...

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Kelly and Zac: Dwarfism- Achondroplasia

Kelly and Zac were blindsided when tests showed that their newborn son, Everett, had Achondroplasia- a form of Dwarfism. They grieved for the life they thought they were going to have; and were fearful for a life they knew nothing about. They found peace and hope...

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