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Follow Friday- This Little Miggy Stayed Home

We started featuring inspiring companies/people every Friday on our Instagram and Facebook, and decided that our blog would be the PERFECT place to do it as well. Follow Friday wouldn’t be complete without spotlighting Miggy. You may remember, We were fortunate enough...

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Good in our Community- Canadian Barber

When I first read this story, I was smiling from ear to ear.  The amount of love and patience this man has is incredible! Any person who can cut children's hair and get it to look half decent is a miracle worker. I have 2 children who I can't get to sit still when I...

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Tiffany and TJ: Down Syndrome

Immediately after Tiffany and TJ's son Austin was born, Tiffany noticed Austin's almond shaped eyes, and she knew this was a sign of having Down syndrome. She immediately knew he was born with Ds, but they got the official diagnosis from their doctor a week after he...

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Good in our Community- Hearing Aid Awareness

This story is ticks all of the emotional buttons for me. I found myself relating on so many levels with this story. Braden has hearing loss. He was diagnosed as a baby and has been able to benefit from wearing hearing aids. Hearing aids are really expensive. Each...

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Georgia and Nick: Autism

When Georgia and Nick's son Lincoln was a year and a half, he was ahead in his speech, and in lots of different ways, he was a smart kid doing really well. The older he got, he started showing signs of Autism. He lost more and more speech and stopped interacting with...

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Good in our Community- Twitter Take Down

There is nothing I love more than a group of people coming together to rally in aiding someone in need.  That is exactly what happened with Natalie Weaver.  Natalie has a daughter named Sophia who has Rett syndrome.  Rett syndrome is an extremely rare neurological...

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