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Jen and John: Encephalocele

Jen and John were encouraged by medical professionals to abort Jackson after he was diagnosed with encephalocele.  They chose to carry him to term and thrilled they did. Jackson is now a thriving two year old who is proving doctors don't always know best.  Proving...

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Camille and Martin: Seizure Disorder

Martin and Camille have four children.  Three of which have a seizure disorder. Camille and Martin were pioneers in getting appropriate services for their children.  Camille and Martin were candid about first learning about their children’s seizure disorder and are...

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Lisa and Steven: Epilepsy and Developmental Delay

Lisa and Steven have a son named Matt who has Epilepsy and and a developmental delay. When Matt was six, he had his first Grand Mal seizure; his parents took him to the doctor where he was then diagnosed with Epilepsy.  Lisa and Steven describe Matt as a loving...

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Janeen- A Grandma’s Perspective: Lissencephaly

Janeen is the proud grandparent of Hunter, a 10 year old boy who was diagnosed with lissencephaly.  Janeen was candid about her experience with Hunter and the joy he has brought into her life and his family’s life.   A Grandma's Love Four-month-old diagnosed with...

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