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Phyllis and Keven: Polymicrogyria

Phyllis and Keven’s youngest daughter, Laura, was not progressing as a typical  three or four month old, so they took her to a specialist and found out Laura  had Polymicrogyria. Phyllis and Kevin were crushed to learn the news. Laura could not walk, talk, or feed...

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Jen and John: Encephalocele

Jen was pregnant when she and her husband, John, found out that their baby, named Jackson was diagnosed with Encephalocele. Their doctor, as well as a with a Genetic Counselor, explained that the baby would either terminate itself, or not go full term, or if he lived...

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Camille and Martin: Epilepsy

Camille and Martin have four children, and three of them have a medically induce developmental delay. Each of their children were born without complications and had no problems during pregnancy or birth. Their children were typical until they were each 5 to 7 months...

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Lisa and Steven: Epilepsy and Developmental Delay

Lisa and Steven have a son named Matt who has Epilepsy and and a developmental delay. When Matt was six, he had his first Grand Mal seizure; his parents took him to the doctor where he was then diagnosed with Epilepsy.  Lisa and Steven describe Matt as a loving and...

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Janeen- A Grandma’s Perspective: Lissencephaly

Janeen is the grandmother of Hunter, who was diagnosed with Lissencephaly at four months old. The day Hunter was diagnosed, he had a seizure and was taken to the hospital where he spent several hours having tests done before a diagnosis was confirmed. Janeen describes...

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