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Beth and Bryce: Angelman Syndrome

Beth and Bryce have a son named Smith. After Smith was born, Beth noticed that he would not look at her. Over the next few years Beth and Bryce noticed more developmental issues; Smith could not walk or use his hands or talk. Smith was nearly three years old before he...

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Christine: Autism

Christine knew there was something different about her oldest daughter Skylynn.  They first hoped she had a sensory processing disorder. However, at the age of two Skylynn was diagnosed with autism.  Christine has spent every day since her diagnosis advocating for her...

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Phyllis and Keven: Polymicrogyria

When Laura wasn’t meeting developmental milestones, Keven and Phyllis brought her their pediatrician.  They were shocked to learn that she had Polymicrogyria. They learned however, that Laura was an absolute joy to have in their family.   Losing a Child Twice Getting...

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Jen and John: Encephalocele

Jen and John were encouraged by medical professionals to abort Jackson after he was diagnosed with encephalocele.  They chose to carry him to term and thrilled they did. Jackson is now a thriving two year old who is proving doctors don't always know best.  Proving...

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Camille and Martin: Epilepsy

Camille and Martin have four children, and three of them have a medically induce developmental delay. Each of their children were born without complications and had no problems during pregnancy or birth. Their children were typical until they were each 5 to 7 months...

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