Maria is a toddler with Down syndrome, and she was adopted by Sarah and Jeremy. Before deciding to adopt, they had four sons. Their four boys absolutely love Maria. She is a blessing in their lives and they encourage others to adopt if they can.

Turning Fear of Adoption into Faith

It took Sarah and Jeremy many years to decide it was the right time to bring Maria into their family. She is from Yerevan Armenia. They had always wanted the opportunity to adopt, but family circumstances always seemed to get in the way. However, they finally decided it was something they needed to do.

They were particularly interested in adopting someone with Down syndrome. Some children with Down syndrome also have heart problems. Their oldest son had open heart surgery when he was a baby, heart conditions are something that is particularly tender to them and they wanted to help another person with that same problem.

“I saw Maria’s face,” Sarah said, “and I had seen many other faces over the years, and they are always just so cute and you want to adopt them all, but something was very different when I saw Maria’s face. It’s like God told me, ‘that’s your daughter, go get her!'”

They brought Maria home, and she is a bubbly, happy girl to have around. “Our boys will often tell us how happy they are that Maria is in our family,” Sarah said. “They adore her, and she couldn’t love them more.”

Sarah and Jeremy know how important it is to reach out to other people who have also adopted, and they know so many people who have had good experiences with it. Jeremy has advice for men who are hesitant about adopting children. “It is a wonderful way to grow your family. Take that leap of faith, and you won’t be sorry that you did.”

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