Jori and Dan: Autosomal Recessive Centronuclear Myopathy

When Luxton was born, he wasn't breathing, and doctors immediately called a code blue.  An MRI showed brain bleeds, but doctors didn't know why. Jori and Dan were sent home to care for Luxton. At 3 weeks old, Luxton's oxygen and heart rate plummeted, so they rushed...

Laurel and Jaron 18 P Deletion

Laurel and Jaron's didn't receive a diagnosis for their son Shane until he was 4 years old.Shane is diagnosed with 18 P Deletion. He had Strabismus, which is a lazy eye, which was corrected when he was 2. . He has developmental delays so even though he’s a five year...

Katherine and Jeff: 2 with a Fatal Form of Dwarfism

Both of their daughters were diagnosed in utero with a fatal form of Dwarfism. They chose to continue with the pregnancy, and doctors couldn’t give them statistics, because everyone else they knew that received the same diagnosis chose to abort.

Sarah and Jeremy: Down Syndrome Adoption

While looking through adoption files from an orphanage in Yerevan Armenia,   Sarah saw a picture of Maria, who has Down syndrome. Sarah told us, ” I saw Maria’s face, and I had seen many other faces over the years, and they are always just so cute and you want to adopt them all, but something was very different when I saw Maria’s face. It’s like God told me, “that’s your daughter, go get her!” 

Perspective on Living with a Sister with Down Syndrome

Having a sister with Down syndrome is difficult at times but rewarding in so many other ways. All Corinne wants for her sister, Vanessa, is to be accepted.

Find Hope

There are others out there who know exactly how you feel.

Every four and a half minutes a child is born or diagnosed with a condition parents never dreamed would be their reality. If this is you, you’re in the right place. You’re not alone.


Sometimes the best therapy is knowing that someone else has been through it. Watch parent and sibling stories.

Local & National Resources

Browse resources submitted by loved ones facing similar diagnoses. Or if you have a resource, submit it online!

Jennifer and James: Adoption of 4 Children with Special Needs

Internationally Adopted Children with Special Needs Jennifer and James did not plan on adopting four children with disabilities, but the call to do so came from within. James said, “We didn’t ever anticipate that were going to have ten children. It’s just that they’re...

Good in Our Community – PKU Adoption

For this weeks good in our community post, I wanted to focus on an amazing family. The Smith family is the type of family that we all aspire to be. Kristi Smith was born with a condition called Phenylketonuria or PKU for short. PKU is birth defect that causes an amino...

Call for Stories

What makes Orange Socks so unique is our parent and sibling interviews.  We love sharing stories and giving hope to other families who might find themselves in similar situations. We need more!  We want to hear from YOU!  If you have a biological or adopted child, or...

Follow Friday- Catfish with Ketchup

The reason I chose to highlight this family for #followfriday was their kindness and acceptance for people with disabilities is incredible. Elizabeth and Travis are parents to 3 darling little girls. Josie, who they adopted, has Down syndrome. They were inspired to...

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