This is Alper. He has Cri Du Chat syndrome. Cri Du Chat is also known as Cat Cry syndrome. Infants born with CDC have a cry that sounds like a crying cat.

There’s no simple “Google” search for what it’s REALLY like having a child with Cri Du Chat.

It’s like a door to a whole new world. Or a one-way flight ticket to take you to a country you do not know; where “normal” things turn into dreams. In the beginning, feelings of despair and sadness were always felt, but never spoken.

When people ask about Alper, I try to respond with polite and general phrases like “Alper has a break at the end of his 5th chromosome, which impacts his muscles and brain development.” Sometimes it is just easier for me to tell them he has a development delay.

But when you see the first time they laugh or smile; they show you how easy it is to be happy. It makes you feel the untold excitement of being happy with small things.

He immediately understands you. He “FEELS” you when he comes to you; he has an understanding that is so deep.

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