Welcome to Sock Talk! A segment of the Orange Socks podcast where your host, Gerald Nebeker, documents topics affecting people with disabilities.

Sock Talk: Special Needs International Adoption

Dr. Gerald Nebeker talks about a few adoption agencies that help facilitate international adoptions for children with disabilities. In this podcast you will also hear from Michelle, the CEO of Reece’s Rainbow as well as Kecia and Chris who have adopted two children with Down syndrome from the Ukraine.

Sock Talk- Early Intervention with Kristin Mancuso, PT, DPT

Dr. Gerald Nebeker talks about early intervention services that are available to children with developmental delays and disabilities.  Gerald speaks with Kristin who is the director of the Early Intervention program at RISE. She explains who is eligible and...

Sock Talk- Employment and People With Disabilities

Even though the country has a record low employment rate of 2-3 percent, people with disabilities have an unemployment rate of 65 percent. Why is this?  In this Podcast Gerald talks about with proper training, coaching, and job matching, people with disabilities...

Sock Talk- NIPT

In this episode Dr. Gerald Nebeker talks about NIPT prenatal testing and how the results are often misinterpreted.  NIPT Testing What is NIPT? NIPT stands for noninvasive prenatal testing. Doctors often use NIPT to screen for genetic abnormalities.  It is considered...

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