Casey had a healthy and uneventful pregnancy until her 20-week ultrasound.  “When the sonographer told us that we were having a son, I thought that was going to be the biggest news of the day,” Casey said.  Casey noticed during the ultrasound that she could never see baby Owen’s hands.  She asked the sonographer to show her his hands but she wasn’t able to because Owen had a limb difference.

Medical Staff went Above and Beyond for Parents

Casey’s doctor was not in the office that day but did speak with them over the phone.  She had never dealt with a limb difference to this extent so she didn’t know if Owen would grow right or even make it to full-term.  “I just remember crumbling to the ground, feeling completely crippled in pain,” Casey said.

One of the biggest blessings of that day was the sonographer.  She knelt down on the floor next to Casey and held her hands.  They cried together and she reassured Casey that everything was going to be okay.  “A lot of the other parts of that day escaped me because of the pain, but I will always remember the love that woman showed,” Casey said.

Casey and her husband were sent to a specialist that day to get more information about what to expect for the rest of the pregnancy and after birth.  That day and many days following were very hard for Casey.

Pregnancy was Challenging While Baby’s Life has Been Joyful

The most challenging times for Casey occurred during her pregnancy.  “I had to work through a lot of grief and a lot of sadness surrounding his diagnosis,” Casey said.  She had many moments full of anxiety and loneliness.  Although she enjoyed being pregnant, she worried about meeting him.  Her biggest fear was only being able to think about his limb difference once she saw him.  But she found that the anticipation she felt was more difficult than having him in their day-to-day lives.

Owen was breached the majority of the pregnancy so they scheduled a c-section.  This wasn’t ideal for Casey but she took comfort knowing that it would be her doctor delivering Owen.  They had been through this scary, pregnancy journey together and they would finish it together.  “After Owen was delivered and they brought him over to me, all I could see was his genuine perfection and how precious of a baby he was,” Casey said.  Casey and her husband continue to see Owen this way ten months later.

Casey worried Owen’s limb difference would be a burden on the family.  However, she has found that being able to share him with others is the greatest thing anyone can experience.  “Everyone who comes in contact with Owen is better because of it,” Casey said.  She feels humbled to be the mom of such a special baby boy.

Words of Advice: Everything is Going to be More than Alright

Your life can still be beautiful if your child has a limb difference.  There are adults with limb differences who are successful, capable, and inspirational.  That can be your child.  “Everything is going to be more than alright.  You will not feel this sadness once you have the opportunity to meet your child.”

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