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Orange Socks is teaming up with Carolina Adoption Services, starting in Armenia and Bulgaria, to help find homes for the hundreds of children with special needs overseas.

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What's Driving Us

It is an unfortunate fact that children with special needs are often placed for adoption because they’re not “typical” and are often not adopted in many countries. These children regularly grow up without parents and once they are 18 they are released into society and end up on the street without homes or families. These beautiful individuals are then seen as a drain on the government and society,
instead of contributing to a family in inspiring ways.

What You Can Do

We know special needs adoption is not for everyone. But take a moment to open your heart to the possibility. Learn what you can. Understand that you’re not only saving a child who desperately needs it, but that raising a child with special needs saves you in many ways. The stories we do where families bring home older disabled children always say that, despite the hardships, the children they adopt fill their home with joy and laughter
and love.

Carolina Adoption Services Offers:

  • Child cause and case advocacy
  • Personalized child placement services
  • Professional social work staff
  • Pre-placement assessments (home studies)
  • Humanitarian aid and development efforts
  • Educational, cultural and social offerings
  • Ongoing support to families throughout and after the adoption
  • Consultations
  • Information and referral

Carolina Adoption Services has facilitated successful adoptions for decades. This partnership helps connect families with these beautiful children with special needs with their forever parents. Carolina Adoption Services has a goal to help these children grow and develop in a loving, caring and safe environment.

What Orange Socks Provides

We’re teaming with an adoption agency and gathering community resources


Orange Socks provides lists of resources within communities across the United States


Stories to help you see what it is like to parent a child with special needs


A place to connect other parents and their stories

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