About Orange Socks

Orange Socks-Bridging the gap between the life you thought you’d have, and the one you were blessed with. We are a special needs parent community. Our mission is to help families find a new normal as they navigate through the grief that comes when they’re told that their little one will be different.

What We Do

Our Whole Mission at Orange Socks is to Be There for You.

Our whole intent is to guide you from a resources page to a forum for parents…from the links to national organizations to providing you with support where the expectant parent can be linked with a parent who has a similar situation and diagnosis. We are there to support and encourage you.

Learn What You Can!

And, the most important thing you can receive is education from other parents. With knowledge and resources, you will come to realize that there might be heartbreaks with this situation, yes, but also, you will be blessed to receive all the rewards, joys and happiness your child brings.

Meet Our Amazing Team

Gerald Nebeker

Founder, President

Dr. Gerald Nebeker is a social enterprise entrepreneur. He is an expert in nonprofit governance and is an advocate, researcher, and national presenter in the field of developmental disabilities. Dr. Nebeker founded the nonprofit organization, RISE, Inc. in 1987, and its initiative, Orange Socks in 2016, with the purpose of supporting and advocating for people with disabilities. He has served on multiple local and national nonprofit boards. Considered his most valuable and important accomplishments, he has been married to his wonderful wife, Laurel, for 32 years and has eight terrific children, the youngest of whom has Down syndrome.

Rachelle Beagley

Creative Director

Rachelle Beagley joined Gerald’s team at RISE Inc. in 2012. Rachelle oversees Orange Socks’ media platforms, client outreach, and marketing. She lives in Texas with her husband and two children.

Eric Robertson

Sound Editing & Composing

Eric Robertson is a music producer and composer. He has composed music for Tesla, Lagoon, Reebok, Digitech, and Wendy’s. His band New Shack has had its music placed on MTV and Bravo Channel. He resides in Provo, Utah with his wife and 3 kids.

Guest Authors

Carrying to Term

Carrying to Term

Carrying to Term

Carrying To Term is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing non-directive information on pregnancy continuation for prenatal diagnoses of life-limiting conditions. By broadening access to evidence-based resources and compassionate logistical and emotional support, we empower women and families to make fully informed choices as they navigate a deeply personal journey. We also work to equip health care providers with the knowledge and tools they need to clearly communicate carrying to term as an option to their patients, elevate the shared decision-making process, and implement a coordinated care strategy. For more information, please visit www.carryingtoterm.org.

Collaborative Corner

Collaborative Corner

Collaborative Corner

We believe it shouldn’t be as challenging as it is to gather professional and accurate information about your child’s diagnosis.

At Collaborative Corner, our core value is to offer families the assistance they need to help their exceptional children. We strongly feel that you should not have to spend countless hours researching for answers that our panel of experts can answer very quickly and accurately. We are passionate in that the exceptional needs community is one not to be feared, but to be embraced and accepted. It is our pleasure to be that place of support for your exceptional family.

Why Orange Socks?

A common question we get at Orange Socks is, “Why do you call yourselves Orange Socks?” Here at Orange Socks, we wanted to develop a symbol that would not only be physical, but would also be one that people would embrace and wear with pride. Many different ideas were considered until one day we learned the story of a mysterious woman who was murdered and discarded off the side of the road. She had no identification on her and the only distinctive thing about her was that she was wearing orange socks. That was in 1979, and until 2019, law enforcement didn’t know who she was and simply referred to her as “orange socks.” To us, her story is symbolic of people with disabilities and conditions who are discarded prior to birth because of the disability or condition. In her honor, as well as those of whom we will never know, Orange Socks was born; to be the voice and advocate of unborn children with disabilities and lifelong conditions.

Orange Socks Sponsors

We acknowledge the generous contributions of our sponsors who make Orange Socks possible. Learn more about these wonderful organizations!

Orange Socks Friends

The organizations featured here have similar missions as Orange Socks, and champion the lives of people with disabilities. We consider them friends and encourage you to learn more about them.

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