Priceless Children with Down Syndrome

Corinne’s younger sister has Down Syndrome. Her perspective on children with Down Syndrome is something that everyone can learn from. Her love for her sister is inspiring because Corinne values her as much as she values anyone else in her family. This has resulted from not only her natural relation to her, but also because of the amount of time spent with her. Corinne’s entire life has been devoted to loving her.

“Growing up,” Corinne says, “I was always just told that she had Down Syndrome, but she was always just my sister, so it never really made a difference.”

To Corinne, the fact that her sister has Down Syndrome doesn’t matter to her. Her love goes deeper than that. She speaks of walking in public places and seeing people stare at her little sister. Instead of feeling embarrassed, Corinne would “beam with pride.” She portrays obvious happiness that her sister could be part of her family despite the fact that she had Down Syndrome.

Corinne’s face lit up as she said, “When I call her and I haven’t talked to her for a few days, it’s like i’m the most important thing in the entire world to her. She gives you a hundred percent of her attention whenever you haven’t seen her for a while.”
If more people showed the kind of excitement and concerted effort Corinne’s sister does when they speak to others, there would be less sadness in the world.

Children with Special Needs Have More Needs

It was sometimes difficult for Corinne to give up time with her parents because they were taking care of her sister. Corinne says, “That was kind of my role as her older sister was to just let myself be ignored a little bit…she does have a few more needs than I do, and that’s fine.” The guilt that came with feeling “ignored” by her parents has now turned to humility. She shows maturity by helping others to understand that it is okay that those who have Down Syndrome have “more needs” than those who do not. She adjusted to that situation, rising up to be the person her sister needed and serving her in this way.

Creating Positive Views toward Kids with Down Syndrome

When Corinne was younger, her friends would sometimes inquire about her sister because she was different, but they never did so with cruelty. Corinne’s opinion of others who don’t understand people with Down Syndrome is very positive. However, she does want to “protect” her sister from others who aren’t always kind or thoughtful but feels that she is not able to.
Corinne’s words gently urge others to be more considerate when they come across people with Down Syndrome or other disabilities. Her unique perspective shows that while children with special needs indeed have more needs than others, they are just as valuable as people who do not have a disability. Corinne’s love and compassion for her little sister is likely a reflection of the love that same younger sister showed to her in the first place.