CHARGE Syndrome

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Kim: CHARGE syndrome

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When Kim went in for a prenatal ultrasound, doctors found her baby had a cleft lip and a heart defect. After her daughter Jackie was born, it was discovered that Jackie had CHARGE syndrome. In the begining Kim struggled with how to cope with Jackie’s diagnosis. Jackie has changed Kim and her family’s world for the better. She has shown them what really matters in life, and that it is precious.

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Sariah and David: CHARGE syndrome

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Sariah had a typical pregnancy with her son David. Less than 24 hours after he was born, he was in surgery to have his trachea esophageal fistula or TEF repaired

The first six weeks of his life, their son, Spencer,  had three major surgeries to repair his esophagus and trachea. It was not until Spencer was 11 years old, that he was diagnosed with CHARGE syndrome. This syndrome can cause different issues in different children, such as heart complications, a cleft palate and/or lip, growth issues, and more. For Spencer, it has caused him to be deaf, visually impaired, and have hypertonia, or poor muscle tone.

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