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Brittany and Tyler: Hydrocephalus, Encephalocele, and other complications.

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Brittany and her husband Tyler struggled for years to get pregnant. When she got pregnant with their son Max, they were ecstatic. During a prenatal ultrasound, doctors found a multitude of abnormalities, including a club foot, heart abnormalities, missing brain matter, and Hydrocephalus. Doctors also found that Brittany had Amniotic Band syndrome.

Max lived an amazing 5 weeks before he passed away. He constantly amazed medical professionals and his family with his abilities despite having almost no brain. He has forever changed his parents live’s, and has made a big impact on people all over the world.

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Maria and Brandon: Chromosomal Deletion 9Q

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While Maria was pregnant with her son Chase, a prenatal ultrasound revealed a cleft lip and some umbilical cord abnormalities.

After Chase was born, testing revealed he was missing part of a 9th chromosome on the Q branch, known as Chromosomal Deletion 9Q.┬áChase is the only known person with this condition, in it’s severity, in the whole world.

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